Better Than A Bank Vault

Mr. Aiden Matthew has decided that he has a secret hiding place for his small items.

Today, we were standing at the front door, looking at Daddy and Andrew play the yard work game. Well, Aiden was trying to get to the door knob, but he was VERY inconvenienced by the fact that he had to hold onto me with one hand and a spoon in the other.

He looked around for a place to set his spoon, there wasn't a good spot. He looked at the floor, but decided against dropping it. Finally, his eyes landed on the "girls." He looked at me, then looked at my chest again.

I saw that light bulb flicker on in his ginormous brain. Suddenly, Aiden was hiding his loot in between my boobs. He made the effort to stick that spoon in there securely. His hand disappeared up to his elbow!

With a satisfied look on his face, he twisted his little body and reached for the door....

He's done this with his pacifier and small toys, too. Sometimes, he just likes to stick his hand in there for a few seconds. I could see how "the twins" could make great hand warmers.

If you've ever had a child has use your breasts as THEIR own personal safe deposit box, leave me some love!

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