Birthday Day

Well, my actual birthday-day was nice.

I woke up with a little pep in my step, Drew actually remembered on his own to wish me a happy birthday, and the weather was wonderful!

When I get to work, the whole staff kept sending me wishes and songs all day. The kindergarten teachers bought me a cake, which was VERY thoughtful. So what I didn't eat any because it was chocolate and I don't like chocolate cake? I've mentioned that to them time and time again, but it was the thought that was behind the cake. Everyone else enjoyed it.

Arik had flowers delivered. They got there about 11:00 am. I was ushering my kiddos in from Reading Block when one of the aides came down and said, "Ms. Bradner, Ms. Principal would like to see you in her office right now."

I immediately started reviewing what I had done since arriving at school. I just didn't want to have a Matilda day (see previous post)! Well, when I get down there, the office staff was just waiting to see what was in the box. It was 18 blood red roses from my hunny! Beautiful!

I got TONS of voicemail wishes, grafitti on my facebook wall, cards, etc. I even got from scratch blueberry muffins from Noel, my house cleaned by my sister, Michelle. It was great!

We went to dinner and just had a nice time out.

The beginning of my 30th birthday celebration is off to a great start. Saturday, my family and friends will be coming over to my CLEAN house for a little get together. Some time after that, I'll be watching The Secret Life of Bees now that I've finished the book, getting a brazillian wax, and just living it up!


On Monday, I told that children that if they behaved M, T, and W then I would bring in cookies and juice to celebrate my Bday with them. What happened next was a worth several belly laughs!

Student: Why are you bringing your own treats?
Bradner: Because I want to share my birthday with you. Is that okay?
S: No, what I mean is, why isn't your mom bringing your treats to school?
B: Oh, when you get to be 30, your mom doesn't bring your treats anymore. Especially when you work at the school...
S: Oh, well, will your kids be here?
B: No, they'll be in school, like you!
S: Oh...

So, mom, why didn't you bring my treats to school?


Estefon Guiterrez said...

Did your little brother say happy birthday or anything?

Mrs. H. said...

Remember, our "you's married now" conversation? Enough said...


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