March 7th

So, on the 7th we had a little pot luck celebration. Some friends and fam came over to help me celebrate my 30 years of life. Kathy, Toni, Mom, Mike, Steffon, Michelle, John, Noel, Dillon, Talia, Caleb, Andrew, Aiden, Arik, and Chrissy - thank you for coming over and hanging out with me.

We played this game called Partini. It was VERY involved, but once we got the hang of it, I really liked it. If there are some people out there that live nearby and want to have a couples game night, let me know . . . :-)

Some gifts I received were 3 bottles of wine (heehee), a BeautyBrands Gift card, and all the other things I mentioned in my previous post.

I was completely saddened by the fact that my mother has discontinued a tradition that has always been.

Me tidbit - Every year for my birthday, I get a strawberry cake with strawberry icing, strawberry soda, and strawberry ice cream on my birthday. Well, I didn't get it on my bday or after my bday. She cited that I was married now and 30 . . . What a bummer, huh? Every since I can remember is when this has been happening. Boo-hoo for me...

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