Ode To Me

You know, I really tried to come up with something kitchy and clever.
I was going to write a limerick and backspaced it. A giggly memory-nixed that too. I don't know what I can say to commemorate the beginning of this new decade. It's just a rough being 30 as it was being 20. Just different circumstances.

Perhaps a list of all I am thankful for?
  • my children and husband
  • my parents and siblings
  • my health
  • my job, excuse me, career
  • the few REALLY good friends I have
  • my outspokenness
  • having everything I need and lots of things that I just wanted
  • people who do those dirty jobs so I don't have too
  • the maxiglide
  • huggable hangers
  • CakeMania II
  • Crayola Crayons
I guess the list could go on and on. There are so many good things in my life. I appreciate having the ability to appreciate. There are definitely times when I take for granted the things and people around me. I think we all do, at times. I am coming to the understanding that I need to take the time to really notice what is happening all around me.

Life isn't a snapshot, a moment frozen in time. It's moments strung together to make something really fabulous - memories filled with laughter, tears, love, anger, frustration, glee, euphoria...

Life is living and I think I have done a darned good job living up until now. And I think I will continue to live life. There aren't any regrets in my past. I'm okay with what I've done and what I am about to do.

Happy Birthday to me!

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