Disney On Ice

There is a tradition that a friend of mine and I have had for a good 5-8 years. We always get the opening night tix to Disney on Ice. She has 3 kiddos and I have the 2. We meet up and carpool down to Kemper Arena and have a good time watching the show.

Last year we didn't go because the theme was Princesses or it was a repeat - something like that. Well, this year it was Mickey and Minnie's Vacation. So we loaded up the Sadie and drove to old KC. . . MO, that is.

This was Aiden and Keimon's 1st time going. It was funny to see their reactions to the show. Keimon embraced the show from the beginning. Aiden on the other hand really just wanted to go. So much in fact that he repeatedly signed and said "go." He was pointing up the stairs and trying to break away and get the heck out of there.

Once the show got started with the changing lights, music and clapping, Aiden was ON BOARD! He got to eat a cheese smothered hot dog, fries and cotton candy! He was high off sugar! The show lasted until about 9 pm. That was WAY past Andrew and Aiden's bedtime, but both did well.

Here are some pix of our outing:

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