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Music defines life's moments and it allows a person to create snapshots to be remembered.

I have always loved music. Growing up, I played the violin and the piano. I was also in the high school choir. Music has been my thing. I love music and I can feel it in my soul. I infuse my teaching with music. I am always singing something to get me through the day. I make up little songs for Aiden and make my little brother and Andrew laugh uncontrollably when I relive a moment while driving in Sadie.

So, I have revamped my playlist to include many songs that recall something for me.

Salt-N-Pepa was my all time FAVORITE rhyme-spitting-girl-duo. They gave me the idea to create my own girl group with my BFF, Keila. I was Sweet D (Denae) and she was Special K. I wore their tape out! Ah, push it....

LL Cool J was the sexiest, ugly boy when he was younger. I couldn't get enough of I Need Love. Of course we all know that LL Cool J is a sext beast these days!

Doin' the Butt bt E.U. is on there because Mike was so adimit about me not using the word butt. Every time the song came on, I could only say, 'Doin' the ...." How lame, right? I didn't get what was so wrong about saying butt.

Patti LaBelle is on there because she helps me feel connected to my grandmother. She always did love sequins and being bold. I miss her.

Blackstreet, the whole self titled ablum, stands for me and Arik. That is our album. I really thought that was the only "ethnic", non-rap album he owned at the time we were dating. Come to find out, it belonged to a roommate. Go figure.

Jodeci is for my first real boyfriend, Ernie. He would always call me at a quarter 'til nine. He would be the last person I talked to before my phone curfew every night. That's dedication. and, yeah, I "went with" a guy named Ernie.

There are so many songs that are tied to a memory. Actually, my memories get kind of lost and the melody of a song can bring it all back for me. It's amazing really.

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Steffon Hamilton said...

I'm Bad - LL Cool J... Very random and funny


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