March 8th-12th

March 8th - When I was in middle school, 7th grade to be exact, I was in a fight. I took Metals class as an elective that year. There was this "goof-off" crowd in attendance. There was this really sleezy boy (don't remember his name) in the class. He was into making lude remarks about girls bodies.

I had just really come into my boobies in the 6th grade. He felt the need to feel them in front of everyone. Well, I was totally offended and tried to kick him in the balls. It didn't work... I was all dressed up because it was my birthday. I was wearing really slippery shoes and actually tripped trying to kick him.

It was a very embarassing day for me. I didn't get suspended or anything and neither did he. I remember wishing I could just sodder his balls to a piece of metal...

March 9th - I was totally one of those people that was accepted into Sumner based on my test scores. Yeah, nerdy me...

March 10th - Still flashing back to my middle school years. In the 6th grade (I think), there was a shooting at my middle school. I was at lunch and it was a really hot day. The school cafeteria doors were open to try and get a breeze. Well, on the opposite end of the cafeteria, 2 boys walked in and started shooting. They shoot a girl and got away. The school was locked down for the rest of the day.

It was a pretty scary time. I really just remember being scared and having to crouch down in my Social Studies classroom with the lights off. How ironic that we lived off 63rd street in the suburbs and school shootings were taking place?

March 11th - There were many days that I was late for class in middle school. I had to walk from my house to Coronado. It wasn't a bad walk, but in bad weather, it was insane! I used to forge my mom's signature on excuse notes. Shhh! Don't tell my mom.

March 12th - Middle school was interesting. I was very excited to have been excepted to Sumner Academy. That meant I didn't have to walk to school anymore. GREAT! This was the beginning of some really great friendships - Dionna, Elizabeth, Kendrah, Brandi, Veshawnia. These were the girls that I ran with the 5 years I was at the Academy. Oh, don't get me wrong, I had other good friends (Noel, Jehan, Amanda), but I just didn't run with them as much as I ran with the Realists Party.

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