Let The Insanity Begin!

So, Aiden and I were out and about yesterday. Just hanging and having some Mommy/baby time because Arik was at work and Andrew was with Granny.

We went to U.S. Toy Company and got some things for my classroom and then we went to the library. I needed some books for our Writer's Workshop.

I was looking up a book at the computer. All of a sudden, Aiden wrinkles up his nose, makes the stinky sound and touches his bum! I ask him if he is stinky and his watermelon head bobs up and down....And, he was stinky!

Well, today I get to his school and walk into the toddler room. He immediately starts his happy dance and giggles uncontrollably. He throws his arms up in the air and says, "down" then quickly corrects himself and says, "UP!"

I scoop him up into my arms and shower his neck with kisses. He looks at me, wrinkles up his nose, makes the stinky sound and his little index finger circles around and stings him on the booty! I stick my nose down there and sure as I am crazy, his squishy tushie was smelly!

I know he's only 17 months, but I can't help but notice. Andrew never showed us a sign like that. I'm not going to rush it, but I might go out and buy some potty books and a little potty chair to stick in the bathroom....

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