Things Can't Get Any Worse

Remember how I was talking about how busy my week was going to be? Well, here's a recap of this morning. Why am I typing in the middle of the day? Where are my students, you ask? Read on to find out more....

6:45am - We all get up and get dressed for our day. Arik has jury duty, so he's home. I decide that Andrew can walk to school this morning (to give me a running start on the day).

7:45am- Aiden and I are out the door. So much for the running start.

7:50am - dropping Monkey off at school and flustering the front desk lady because I want to pay my bill with my credit card. I didn't get to pay. I'll be going back this evening and paying.

8:00am- to school for me. Things are going well. Had Morning Meeting duty in the multipurpose room today.

9:15am - the $hit hits the fan! Daycare calls. Aiden has a fever of 101*. I am scrambling to call somebody, ANYBODY to pick up my son. Michelle's on her 2nd day at work, Arik is on some jury, my mother isn't answering, Noel isn't answering (besides, she's in school now)! I'm cracking up. I'm losing it.

I have the kiddos line up for restroom break in a lame attempt to hide the fact that tears are welling up in my eyes because of the frustration of the situation.

I finally get a hold of my cousin, Kathy. She can get Aiden, but can't hang out with him all day. I'll take it. At least she can get him so that the daycare doesn't think I'm a crappy mom for leaving my kid to infect others (like some parents obviously do).

My kiddos at school are doing a great job of working independently while I figure everything out.

10:00 am- Andrew's school calls me. Apparently, Drew isn't feeling well either. A cough, sore throat, the beginnings of a fever. I have completely cracked now.

I ask Kathy to pick up Aiden and then shuttle over to Andrew's school and pick him up. After she leaves, I scramble around the classroom trying to put together some rough substitute plans and make copies assignments. The Instructional Coach came into the room to teach my kiddos so I could get things together.

At 11:00am, I timed out and headed home to be with my sick children.

Here is me rethinking my profession. I can't teach 22 children AND be a good mother to my own children. Situations like this make me wish I was part of one of those families where the grandparents are here to live to fill the needs of their grandchildren. Where is the Nanna that I can call on to watch my children when I need her too?

I can't keep doing this. I guess just having to scrounge around the past two weeks to have someone watch my son is still fresh on my mind. I am really rethinking my job. It's hard for a teacher, and even harder for a teacher that has kids of her own.

I don't know what I can do to prevent this situation in the future. Is there a daycare that takes sick kids when the regular daycare doesn't? Is there a Nanna service that I can call to come and take care of my children when they have to be home during a weekday? I just need to win the lottery so that I can have a live-in/call-on nanny.

I need that damn EASY BUTTON, that's what I need! Looks like I also need to go get some more wine...

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