Busy Week

So, things are going to busy this week. Already, I had a 90 minute Family Advocacy (Parent-Teacher) Conference today with Andrew's teacher. It's always the same old thing. I finally had to break it down to him.

Basically, I said, "Drew, if this continues, I am not a mom that will waffle on whether or not you'll be held back. If I think you need it, I will sign it and not think twice about it. The choices that you are making will determine your academic career for middle school. If you continue choosing to do
only the bare minimum, then you will be stuck in classess like Math/Reading Lab while your friends are taking foreign language, home economics, band, and art. You are deciding your fate even before your fate begins.

You have all the opportunity and talent in the world. As you get older, it's going to be harder to find teachers that care so much about your success. You need to change some of your choices, because the ones you are making right now are CRAP!"

I am just waiting for the day when this all sinks in and Drew gets his act together. They say that you reap what you sow and apparently I am getting everything that I dished out in my younger years - 10 fold!

On Tuesday, there is a music program at the school at 7 pm. Wednesday, I have Family Advocacy conferences of my own after the children leave and the same thing on Thursday (1130-730pm). Friday, there isn't anything really, but after all the other stuff this week, Friday will be a mad house.

In addition to all of this, I am surviving at 60%. I have had this cold every since last Tuesday. I have been drinking my Airbourne, popping my sinus pills all weekend, and going to bed early. I am exhausted. I would take off, but it's the rugrats at school who gave this junk to me, so I'm returning the favor. I'm not trying to share it with anyone else, though. Please forgive if it's been a while since you've seen me. I've been sick...

On a brighter note, Aiden went to school today and stayed the WHOLE day! I was so glad. Arik had jury duty and Michelle started her new job today. There was no one home to pick him up if they had called. Everyone, knock on a wood by-product to insure that tomorrow goes well.

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