Home Again

We went to the Dr. yesterday and got some drugs for the children. I doped them up last night and comensed to worrying about what I am going to do Thursday if my children aren't well enough to function in the school academic/social environment....

Andrew was up today and had no fever, just a cough. I gave him a couple cough drops and sent him packing! I don't think he was too sad. Yesterday, Arik told him that sick people stay in their rooms - and that's what he did yesterday. I don't think he was looking forward to that again today.

Aiden is equally doped up and sleeping peacefully in his room as I type. So far, there has been no poopy-doo, diaper rash, or anything. His fever this morning wasn't there; he was just warm (99*). We lounged around this morning before I toddled him off to sleepy time. He was perfectly content to go to bed with his pa-pa (pacifier) and monkey crew.

Arik has been drinking the Airbourne these past couple days. I think he's getting something too. Oh, boy.... I'm just going to go and drink a sanitizer/clorox tonic. Maybe the GERMS will stay away.

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Mrs. H. said...

At first I was feeling guilty for not being available to help out with the boyz, but on second thought, I've done my share of poopy-doo, snotty noses, and diaper rash already. So I don't feel guilty any longer. But you know I'd be more than happy to sit with the children if I'm available.


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