March Madness

This has NOTHING to do with basketball, trust! I have decided that March is all about Mikesha. Everyday, I am going to share something about myself. Something that no one or maybe just a few people know about me.

I have been thinking about a lot of things this past month in preparation for my 30th birthday. It has been a long and sometimes tumultuous journey that I wouldn't change for the world. Because of things I have done, people I've known and places I have been, I am the wonderfully fantastic woman you all know and love today. If you don't love me, I don't care - I love myself!

Most of my posts will be late at night because that's how I roll. Every once in a while, you might get a daytimer - like today. Who knows...

Tomorrow begins March Madness and I can't wait. I revel in my last day as a 20-something and I welcome 30 with open arms. I have turned out pretty damn great, if I must say so myself.

Keep coming back for more good stuff.

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