Watching the Prez

I know it's been a bit since I've posted anything. I'm just thinking about all the things I have done in my ALMOST 30 YEARS of life.... Good, bad, humorous and/or otherwise. 9 days until I become even more of a grown-up. More to come, promise.

Okay, so the real reason for this post is to share a thought regarding President Obama's address to congress.

I'm sitting here watching and as much as I want to focus on his words,I can't. All I can see is that the Prez looks like he could use some UV lights. He is severly jaundiced!

His hands and his face are two different colors. It looks like his make-up artist was trying to hide his blackness. The only thing he/she managed to do was enhance the dark circles under his eyes and make his lips look darker.

I am recording his address so that I can listen to it later. I really am interested in what he has to say, but right now, his 2-tone skin is really getting the best of me...

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Mrs. H. said...

Where was your mind at last night? I wait to hear your comments when you really watch it.


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