Delightful by MDB

A couple nights ago, Aiden and Drew were playing; having a great time. They were laughing and giggling and my rusty dendrites started sparking. Inspired by their joy, here's what I came up with:

Your laughter is a masterpiece.

A prism bringing ribbons of color
The morning dew on a blossom or
The glisten of a tear.

Joyous bells
The harmony of applause
Melodious notes in a symphony.

Coziness on a winter's night
Playing in the rain
Being enveloped in love.

Ice cream and warm pie
The aroma of innocence in the folds of a baby's skin
As familiar as the scent of home.

A sweet morsel of goodness melting on my tongue
Taste-testing life's bounty
A blend of carefree and joy.

A snowflake,
Beautifully simple, yet filled with complexities.
A masterpiece, tantalizing my senses.



Mrs. H. said...

WOW ~as I dry the tears from my eyes~ That was awesome. Pretty good right off the cuff. You never stop amazing me.

3 Guys and a Girl said...

You're my mom. It's your job to say that. Thanks!

Mrs. H. said...

You should know that by being your mom, I am your most difficult critic.

I can't lie about the pride I feel when I look at the woman you've become.

You do truly amaze me!


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