Look How Handsome!

Okay, so today I took Drew to find some control for his hair. It was a bit unruly and has been for months. Think birds nest, knots and WTF! Well, there's nothing like school picture day to put some fire under a mom's butt and get her kid's hair cut. Here is a before photo of Andrew and his hair....

Now, the after photo is amazing! We were at the shop for about an hour for this haircut. I wanted to cut it all off (because he doesn't comb or take care of the hair) and he just wants to let it grow and grow and grow. So, I compromised. Amazing, right!? I know! He looks like a little stud in this next photo.

For a minute I thought he was hitting his ugly duckling phase, but I was wrong (don't judge, you know all kiddos have that phase). It really was just the CRAZY hair. So, without further ado, I give to you, Andrew Kahlil - GQ....

Did you catch that rascally dimple? I know, it just screams mischief. Anyway, here's a profile shot of Mr. Handsome -

And, here's a view from behind -

Doesn't he look wonderful? He really looks like a growing 9-year-old! It's just amazing how something so small can make such a GINORMOUS difference! And all for the low price of $16 (no sarcasm intended here)! What a change . . .

Andrew was really happy about his haircut, too. He liked his sideburns and how the barber tapered the back of his hair. I better start working on that one room tower high in the sky, right?

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