It's All In The Name

Even though 15 short months ago I gave birth a 2nd time and I am not entirely sure I want to do it a 3rd time, I am always on the lookout for names that begin with the letter "A." All my kiddos have an "A" first name. If we do have a 3rd child, here are some names that I am into (in no particular order):

Girl - Amelia, Addyson, Adelyne, Abigail, Alyssah, Aubrelle, Adrienne, Ashlynn, Aubrey, Audrey, Azure,

Boy - Anston, Adrian, Austin, Alexander,

As you can see, I really have my hopes up for a girl, if the time rolls around again. I know you're thinking, "why are you wasting your time on this trivial stuff?" I just am really feeling the mommy bug these days. No worries, however - I have things to accomplish right now and a baby is NOT in the works, TRUST! I just like to be prepared. It took 9 months to name Andrew and about 5 months for Arik to agree to Aiden. I just have to build up my arsenal if/when the time comes...

If by chance a girl is in the future here are some girl names that don't begin with "A" that I like - McKenna, Gabrielle, Mikaela. No boys names yet.

Just keeping my eyes and ears open... Don't get your hopes up for another baby any time soon. The earliest would be the year 2012 - if at all possible.

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