Have you ever seen the movie Matilda? It's about a little girl ,with magical powers, born into a crappy family. She went to a school with a principal that had a behavior room called the chokey.

Anyway, this principal didn't really like anything colorful or fun. She hated kids, was very manly and not attractive. There was also a teacher named Ms. Honey. She was the exact opposite of Ms. Trunchbowl. Sunshine, giggles, love and happiness.

Well, the reason I bring this movie up is because I have been feeling a little like Ms. Honey working for Ms. Trunchbowl.

There is an rule at my school that if your jacket doesn't meat school uniform requirements, you can't really wear it around the school. Mind you, the school has a CRAZY heating system. The classrooms get what little heat there is and the hallways are NOT heated at all. We keep the classroom door closed to keep in all the warm air.

When we have to go to the bathroom, we try not to sit on the toilet seat so that we don't have problems with tushies freezing to them. Sometimes though, our pee-pee freezes up mid stream and it just causes us to be in the hall longer than we want to be.

Anywoo, if the principal sees any student with a non-approved jacket on, she makes them take it off. She will have them stop what they are doing and take their jacket back to the classroom. So, to counter this, I allow the kiddos to wear their jackets in the classroom, but take them off before we leave the room - every time! Other things I do: sneak and put lotion on the kiddos hands and try not to send anyone to the office for anything (think Mommy Dearest).

Don't get me wrong, the principal of my school is really nice and knows her stuff. She just is very quirky and likes things done her way. Sometimes her way is just extra for everyone.

So, instead of covering up colorful learning and having a good time, I'm disguising jackets that aren't navy, black or white and secretly dealing Aveeno Baby Lotion on the side. . .

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