Aiden's First Haircut

Well, all this week Aiden has been homebound again. The medicine he is taking for his allergies causes poopy business and he can't have lots of poopy business and go to school. This week he went on Monday for half a day. Arik watched him on Tuesday, Michelle on Wednesday and me today. Arik will watch him tomorrow too. For these past two weeks, I have been paying $$$ for nobody at the daycare to watch Aiden.

Anyway, Aiden has this thing that when he gets dressed, he wants to go - it doesn't matter if he goes downstairs or outside or in the car. He just wants to go somewhere with his coat and shoes on. So we get out and go.

1st we go to Babies "R" Us and do a little shopping. I got a couple of clearance items, a toy chest and some other miscellaneous things. What I really wanted was a pair of slippers for Aiden that had traction on the bottom. Didn't have any in his size... I did get a cute picture of Aiden looking like "Lucky" from Lucky Charms. Notice his bangs in the picture. Those are one of the reasons we got his hair cut today.

We went to Shear Madness for his 1st haircut. That's where I took Andrew for the first time. they did a good job then, so I thought I would give them a chance to do it again. They didn't disappoint. Kris was Aiden's stylist. She did a good job following directions. I just wanted her to take some of his bangs off, take a little off the top and even it all out around his ears and such. She got the job done.

Aiden was a little fussy in the beginning, but he loosened up. He started watching another little boy play video games. Then he started making car sounds because he was sitting in an Aiden sized car. He liked that. He dances to some Little Einsteins and played with a green duck.

In the beginning....

During the process.......

The final product.

He still has his signature look, it's just shaped up. Everyone will still say, "oh my, look at his hair!" and giggle. Then they'll run their fingers through it and say how much they LOVE it. I'm glad with that.

We have a certificate with before and after photos and a lock of Aiden's hair. All for the low price of $Highway Robbery that Inflation.00. Too expensive. If I hadn't done this for Andrew, Aiden wouldn't have gotten it. Have to treat the 2nd son to the same rights and activities as the 1st.

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