Something will be drowning tonight

Friday was a very LONG day for me. My class is showing signs of lazy! These signs of lazy are driving me crazy. They were whiny and pouty and unappreciative. Learning today was like pulling teeth!

I guess this whole week has been a challenge. 4 day school weeks always are...

Monday - MLK, Jr. Day

Tuesday - 1st day back to school. One of my students decided to get an attitude and try to bite me and slap me. I had to send the student to the principal's office and this student was eventually suspended for 2 days.

Wednesday - Aiden showed his signs of sickness and I was feeling bummed about not being the one to take him to the doctor. The kiddos at school were really chatty and not following directions. We had more than one student on Orange...

My spring classes at ESU started and I had an assignment due. 2-3 page paper on classroom management styles that I use.

Thursday - I was off; taking care of Aiden. It was a nice day at home. I didn't think about my classroom at all!

Family night at Andrew's school. A weeknight event. Those are rare. We usually do everything on the weekend and are homebound on weeknights.

Friday - I get to school and find out that there were a couple students that decided to disrespect the substitute. The same student that was suspended on Tuesday came back. This student decided during Reading Block to threaten another student. She was using scissors for an activity and said, "I am going to cut you up and make you die." Yes folkes, I teach 1st grade...

It was so bad on Friday that when Arik picked me up, I had to drive by the liquor store. I needed something. I was either going to draw a bubble bath and drown myself or get some liquid Relax and drown my sorrows. As you can read, I'm still alive....

I did have an assignment for my 2nd Master's course due, but because I drank 1 too many glasses of wine, I fell asleep and didn't turn it in. Bad girl! I know . . . But, I want to say thank you to my friend, Chrissy. She bought me some wine glasses last Christmas and I used one for my pity party... Thanks a bunch!

Teaching is a VERY challenging job! But, as with all challenges, there are rewards. I love what I do, don't ever doubt that.

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