Family Art and Literacy Night

Thursday night we all went up to the school to have Pizza Hut pizza and to catch a glimpse of Andrew's work.

We get there and everyone is being herded through the lunch line to get 1 slice of pizza and a cup of juice. Wow! I told Arik not to take the chicken out because it was family night. Usually, there is chicken and the families bring the sides and we don't have to cook dinner. Well, not this night. We went to Wendy's afterward (that's another story).

So, we get done with our pizza and head to the art room. The art teacher gives Drew a blank picture frame to decorate and we get a coupon for a free 4x6 at any Kodak Kiosk. Woo-hoo!

While Andrew is decorating his frame, Aiden is entertaining himself by coloring and running around the table. I don't think there'll be any hesitation on his part when it is time to start kindergarten.

After the crafting project, we went to Drew's classroom and read some of his work and talked to his teacher. Basically, it was the same record that has been playing for years. "Andrew is talented and very smart, but it's hard trying to get him to do the work. He is a funny boy, but his humor comes out at inappropriate times."

It's tough knowing your kid is so talented (drawing) and smart (every subject) and stand by and watch him just be average. I guess I'm not standing by, I nag and question and prompt, but he just doesn't want to do the work! His teacher mentioned that she is trying to get the process started for the Quest program (back in the day it was called TAG), but his work isn't showing his level of genius. I just want him to be interested in learning and get to do it in a fun way.

I guess I'll just keep doing what I've been doing and hope one day a spark will be ignited. I shouldn't complain too much. I should be glad to know that he is smart and not applying himself as opposed to him struggling with learning and trying his hardest.

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