Please pass the disease...

For pretty much the entire month of January it has been one illness after another between Aiden Matthew and myself. Shortly after school was back in session, one evening I picked Aiden up from the daycare and noticed that his right eye was a gooky. Oh, crap! I asked if his eye had been like that all day and the teachers said yes.

I immediately called the doctor and left a message. Spilled my guts about how I've seen many cases of pink eye, described all the symptoms I noticed, told them I was a teacher and I just can't call in the night before. I aske that they PLEASE call in a prescription and if they wanted me to, I would schedule an appointment in a few days. Well, my doctor ROX! She called back within 30 minutes (mind you, it was after hours when I called and left the message), she called in some drugs and didn't even make me schedule an appointment.

Well, 3 days after Aiden and his pinky eye, I started getting the symptoms. Darn wanting to cuddle and give your little toddler kissess. Those germs jumped off his eye and into my the first chance they got!

After 2 weeks of pink eye, I thought everything was a GO. I guess I was wrong. Last week (the $hitty one), it was even more gross. Aiden was puking and pooping all over. At daycare, they informed me some kid in Aiden's room had Rotovirus.

Think back to when Aiden was 2 months. The doctor optioned me for a Rotovirus vaccine and because we have a very healthy family, I turned it down. You can guess, I am so kicking myself in the butt right now.

Aiden's teacher informed me last Friday that I should watch out because his stools have been really runny. Well, all weekend I was watching and waiting for something to happen. It didn't. I sent him to school on Tuesday...

Well, the runs can back while he was at school. And the next morning (Wednesday), Aiden woke up with a bomb in his diaper. It was so bad and so acidic that the poop was eating the skin off his little pee-pee. He cried everytime he peed in his diaper. I felt so bad I just wanted to call in and tell the school no work for me. It's hard being a teacher and having children. Everytime Aiden cried yesterday morning, it just broke my heart.

I had to call the doctor right at 8am and make arrangements for my sister to take the baby to the doctor. I took pictures of his stool, wrote down all his symptoms, everything. I am grateful that Michelle is here to help , but it just makes me feel a little bit of jealousy.

I know that sounds stupid. She's just taking him to the doctor, but I'm the doctor-taker. The mom is supposed to take the babies to the doctor, cuddle them when they are sickly, give them kisses to make their boo-boos feel better. I didn't get to do that yesterday...

I will say this, I'm glad someone that I trust with my children was around and able to take care of Aiden. Michelle indulged my interrogation session. She even called immediately after they left the doc's office to tell me the verdict. I am really glad that she is my responsible, little sister.

So the verdict is that Aiden has a mild case of Rotovirus and there is nothing we can do but let it run its course. We are steering clear of dairy and other things that make you go poop a lot in the night and giving him lots of electrolyte filled liquids.

I was also worried that Aiden's pink eye was coming back , but the doctor said that it's more related to sinuses. There was some redness in his ear, too. The doctor prescribed some medicine to help with his ear and his eyes. Thank goodness it wasn't pink eye again. I can't go through another 7 days of holding Aiden down with my breasts, Arik holding his head and me trying to get 1/2 an inch of cream into his eyes - the doctor said cream was easier than drops. Pish-posh! The struggle was go great that Arik REMEMBERED we went through that with Andrew. And if you know Arik, you know he doesn't remember anything!

I can't tell you how much Aiden weights or how long he is; I didn't remember to tell Michelle to write that down. But all that to say that I am at home today with my little monkey and my students are probably terrorizing the substitute.

It's not fair being a teacher. I guess there must be some give and take. They give me 3 months and 3 weeks worth of vacation time and they take part of my mommyhood.... :-(

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