Going Green

Yesterday, Michelle and I went to grocery shopping. She has been really been tooting the horn about going green. Her Christmas gift to me was to by me some reusable shopping bags.

I guess I use about 10-12 plastic bags when I go to the grocery store. I buy $200-300 in groceries (food, toiletries, misc) every two weeks. It really is a lot of stuff!

Michelle and the checkout lady were able to get most of my stuff into 7 resuable bags! Most of them were filled to the brim. I told Michelle the first time was a fluke and that we'd have to do it again in two weeks to make sure the results are consistant.

I will admit that it was nice only having to move 7 bags from the cart to the back of the MV and then from the MV to the house. Less trips...

Don't get me wrong, I am all for going green, but going green needs to align with my WAY - the way of the princess. I need things to still be convenient. I'll take 70% convenient, but there has to be some sort of convenience.

Here's to going green and saving Planet Earth...

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