Tribute to Sisterhood

Well, today we all drove to Jefferson City, MO to see Michelle graduate from Lincoln University! What a day it was! The above picture is Michelle pre-ceremony. She got her hair all did and was all decked out in a new outfit. Ready to walk across that stage. The ceremony started at 10 am. It was inside the Jason Gymnasium. Typical graduation setting. Everyone was filled with excitement and joy to see their loved ones walk across the stage to their futures. It was a nice ceremony. Here is a picture of Michelle after her walk across the stage with her degree holder.

Proud parents of the graduate - Michael and Sharon Hamilton. Mike is an alumni of Lincoln University himself. This was a double dose of woo-hoo for him. His daughter, an alumni of his Alma mater.

Here we are, the siblings -Steffon Michael, Michelle Renee, and Mikesha Denae. It's been a long time since we've had a photo opp.

Michelle with her nephews - Andrew and Aiden. They were both troopers through the whole thing. I kept them out until 11:30 the night before and neither slept the 2 1/2 hours it took to get to Jeff City.

Here is Michelle with her Sorors. Do you see my vision? The girls are making the Delta sign and Michelle's radiant face in the center. I thought of that! I know, it's the camera. My creative juices start flowing.

Here are the Sorors again. Strike a pose, girls! Look at Michelle's candy apple red shoes! Yeah, she was showing out...

Here is Michelle standing in front of her duplex. This is where she's stayed since forever ago. She got the heck out of the dorms and moved into a spot of her own. She likes to have her space. Hopefully, she won't want to kill herself living with the Bradners. Andrew really loves him some Michelle. He couldn't wait until today. He knew she was going to be moving in and staying with us for a while. I think he thinks he's got a live-in playmate...
Anyway, this is a tribute to my little sister, Michelle. I am just as proud today as I was when I gave birth to my two sons and graduated from college myself. It makes my heart swell to think of all the things she has accomplished so far. She really is a level headed young woman. She gets the job done every time and that's a quality that I admire about her. I know we may not have always appreciated one another in the past, but I just want her to know, "Michelle, I love you and I'm glad that you are my sister." To err is human, to have a sister - divine...
Congratulations, Michelle. You have fulfilled one of your dreams and in doing that, you've fulfilled the dreams of so many others who's lives you've touched. I eagerly anticipate seeing you continue to grow and challenge yourself.
We are all so proud of you, Michelle (Arik, Andrew, Aiden and myself). Thanks for letting us share your special day.

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