Picture Day!

Today, is school picture day. The children are supposed to come in their best dressed. I'm looking forward to it. Parents deck the kids out in tuxedos and party dresses. Then, they expect me to keep them clean all the way until picture time.

This year, I don't have the kindergarten, so I don't get to take pictures first thing in the morning. It's going to be interesting. We take pictures at 11 o'clock today. Our schedule up until then goes like this:
  1. Restroom Break
  2. Arithmetic Developed Daily
  3. Animated Literacy Review
  4. Reading Block
  5. Restroom Break
  6. Math Investigations

The concern is restroom time, okay... all morning is a concern. The children come to school and completely try and change the way they look. They rearrange ponytails/barrettes, sneak and put on the lipstick they stole from their mom, ANYTHING!

I have to stop them from licking on themselves (skin ash is a concern here), from rolling around on the floor, from getting all wet in the bathroom, writing on themselves with their pencils/crayons. The list is endless.

Oh, how I enjoy picture day.

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