Moving on...

Today, we went to the doctor for Aiden's 1 year checkup. He did a great job. Here are his stats:

Head - 18 inches
Length - 28 1/2 inches
Weight - 22.9 pounds

He was so great at the doc's office today. He got three shots and they drew blood. When they drew his blood, the 1st time didn't go so well. The tube they used, didn't work and that was in his right arm. He didn't cry or anything! He just looked at the lady and what she was doing the whole time. In his left arm, they did it again. He gave up 2 tears for that, but that was it. He was a VERY big boy today.

We went back to our room waited. They came in and I laid him down on the table. The first shot in his right leg had him screaming bloody murder! The 2nd and 3rd just made it worse. He was really pissed off! But, as always, he got over it and was right as rain.

We went to lunch had a good ol' time hanging out with Dionna.

We also went and finished our enrollment for Tots-n-Tales. I paid this week's fee and turned in all his information. He will start tomorrow.

This evening, we went to Payless and picked Aiden up some big, boy walking shoes and then over to Target for his school supplies (crayons, Kleenex, wipes, diapers, a new school outfit, and a toothbrush for school. How cute it that, right? Aiden needing school supplies!

I'll let you in on how things turn out tomorrow. G'night.

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Anonymous said...

Awww. I wept with you. Our guy is growing up so fast. Where did the time go? He looked so adorable. This just the beginning......


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