1st Day of "School"

All right. Today was Aiden's 1st time going to a daycare. It was more of an emotional day for me than I thought it would be. Here is his daycare. I was so excited today.

This is Aiden all dressed and ready to go to "school." He was wearing his new shoes, jeans and shirt. Oh, and his socks were new too.

When we get there, they give me his code to be signed in and out with and show me where I can take him for breakfast. Andrew, Aiden and I go into the breakfast room and he gets all situated. For breakfast he had pineapples and, I think, mangoes, with a buttered biscuit. He ate ALL of it. He also had his first cup of cow's milk. He didn't drink it all.

Look at this, they gave him a real spoon to eat with. He didn't use it, but it was there.

After breakfast, we went down to the room that Aiden would be spending the day. I dropped him off and he immediately started crawling over to the toys and other children. Mom didn't matter anymore. I stayed long enough to watch him start playing with the toys, but that was it. Andrew and I left.

I was feeling more emotional than I thought I would when we left. I was a little sad that Aiden was so independent, but glad at the same time. I held my tears in until I dropped Drew off a school. Then, I boo-hooed the whole way to school!

When Drew went to daycare, he was older. I think he was 2 or 3 before he left Noel's. At the time, I was only working part time and Arik was working the 2nd shift at work. We didn't need childcare. It all worked out. When we did, Noel was there to help out with watching him. So, of course Andrew was more independent.

Aiden just looked like such a big boy today when I dropped him off. He ate his breakfast, no problems and looked genuinely interested in playing with the people and things in his classroom. So, yeah, I cried myself to work. It was a big day for me, oh, and Aiden, too.

I called the daycare on my lunch break to check in. They said that he was having a great day and that everyone loved him to bits. He was napping when I called. That made me happy...

When 4:30 came, I was out the door. I think this was the 1st time I made it out the school on time. I was excited about going to get Aiden and finding out about his first day at school.

So, here is Aiden in his "classroom." He is with his teacher, Ms. Sarah. She was really nice and I could tell that she was genuinely smitten with my son.

Doesn't he look like such a big boy? His shirt says, "Conserve Water. Drink Chocolate Milk." It's cute, right?

So he had a fantastic day! He ate breakfast, and for lunch he had chicken and noodles, veggies and fruit. He didn't care for the noodles so much or the veggies, for that matter. For snack, he had Cheez-Its and milk. Ms. Sarah said that he had a lot of Cheez-Its.

When it was nap time, someone had to come and get him to rock him to sleep. He was a little weepy at nap time, but once he got his cuddle time, he fell right to sleep. They told me that he said, "Ma-ma" the whole day. That warmed my heart.

On his toddler activity sheet his teacher wrote, "Aiden had an Awesome Day." What good news! He also got "homework." It's an all about me poster for us to fill out. How about that? Homework for my little 1 year old!

What a big day for the both of us!

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