Aiden's Birthday Party

Happy 1st Birthday, Aiden Matthew!

It's my party and I'll cry if I want too!

Mommy and birthday boy hanging out.

Everyone gathers outside for some fun.

Remember balloon races? Yeah, we brought 'em back.

We also got a pinata. Filled it with candy! Andrew is taking a whack at it.

All the booty fell out and the children are filling their loot bags with sugary goodness!

The children playing in our nice, manicured lawn. We spent a lot of money on that mulch and grass. Put it to good use.

Here is the beginning of the cake festivities. He is going to town. His personal cake was SUPER ugly. There was a monkey on there that was really to die for. But, he was just going to mess it up anyway, right?

Aiden is smeared with icing (they piled it on the cake). After a while, we noticed that his cheeks and nose are getting red. Aiden had an allergic reaction to the dye in the icing. We had to make a dash to CVS for some Benedryl (I'm not use to my kiddos having allergic reactions to anything - bad, bad mommy). We had to throw him in the shower to get all the gook off. He did make a super, big mess! But, he sure looked cute doing it...

The children hangin out on the half put together swing set (thanks, Mr. Bradner). This swing set was for Andrew's 5 or 6 birthday. Arik never finished the job...

Aiden opening his gifts. He got a couple outfits, some money, Fisher Price Little People Builders, a bike, and more.

The diningroom table after the festivities. What a mess!

We did have a great time. There were tons of people who helped us celebrate. Toni, Kathy, Pa-paw, Granny, Grandpa, Uncle Steffon, Breann, Daniel and DJ, Dionna and Gabe, Joe, Billie, Payton and Paige, Chrissy, Arch, Lawnmower Boy (don't ask), Mario and Little Mario, John, Dillon, Talia, and Caleb, too! Thanks for celebrating with us. We all had a blast!

The weather was fantastic for our outdoor games. The children played football and tag and everything! The food that Arik cooked was delicious (finger foods, but a ton of them). The cake was tasty. It was a great day.

Aiden's finally 1 year old! Happy Birthday, Aiden.

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Anonymous said...

The party was a hit. The birthday boy seemed to have a great time. Aiden blew me away when he "ran" to me from the front door. Last week he was just starting to walk around the furniture and take 1-3 steps. He ran about 25-30 steps. Another milestone accomplished. Time is going so fast. I guess next week he'll be "talking" to me about his new school. We'll see....


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