Day 34, I think . . .

Day number 34 is down and only a kagillon to go! School is unfolding in the most interesting ways. One day, I go to work and really enjoy the school that I am at and the children are on point with their behavior and their learning. I just love it!

On the flip side, I might go to work and end the day thinking, "geez! I picked this school to transfer to?"

I mean, the school is great! Don't get me wrong. The students and the teachers really don't have to want for anything. We get whatever we ask for, but the stipulation for signing a contract with "the devil," you get things that you aren't prepared for.

The leader of the school is a wonderful and caring person. Would go the extra mile to help you out, but is an extreme perfectionist. To the point that it really drives a person to drink at times...

I guess, I really shouldn't equate the leader to the devil. The leader isn't the devil; more like Joan Crawford in Mommy Dearest when she walked into the closet and said, "NO MORE WIRE HANGERS!" One minute things are handy-dandy and the next, it's crazy!

I can tell you one thing, the day really does go by FAST when you have 21 6/7 year olds wanting you to keep them engaged. And, the district really does get every dollar they pay me. In class we sing, dance, rap, rhyme, move, shake, and do a little learning in there as well.

If you ever need a song to teach a concept, let me know. I have tons of songs for little ones that get them to learn how to spell color words, write their numbers, skip count, prep for reading, math, science, social studies, ANYTHING!

Ask me again at the end of the year if I still like the school I am at. It might be a different answer. . .

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