Now Taking Reservations . . .

Okay, so now that Aiden is UP and moving around, I think it's time to begin taking reservations for him to visit others at their homes!

He has never been over to anyone else's house without me being there (except for Noel's). He really hasn't had anyone else really look after him. A handful of people have watched him without me being there - Noel, Michelle, Kathy, my Mom, and Arik's Mom. I know, it's amazing, right? He is going to be 1 year old in about 2 weeks and he hasn't experienced a babysitter (not counting Noel).

This is partly due to the fact that he is a breastfed child and up until he turned 10 months (I think it was), he was exclusively on breast milk. Once school started for me, I decided that I wasn't going to pump while we were apart. The school that I am at doesn't allow for me to have a mini fridge in my classroom and I didn't feel comfortable with others being able to see my liquid that I produce from my boob in the teacher's lounge refrigerator. Call me crazy. . . .

So, anyway, the whole point of this blog is to announce that Aiden is ready for some play dates that require me to stay and for him to go. He needs to spread his wings.

Plus, he can trash someone else's house for a change, especially since he's walking.

K :-)


Anonymous said...

FINALLY....Can the boys come out to play this weekend?

You can throw my name in the hat anytime you need/want a break.
I'm always happy to play with the little guys.

PS. Tell Andrew it's my turn to win at Uno.

Lydia said...

Well said.


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