A bad day gone worse

Yesterday was not the best day that I've had. It was a very nerve racking day for me, and apparently for everyone at school.

The superintendent came by for a visit. Everyone was on edge because of that. The children were off their game - talking in the hallways, not paying attention to me very well. I had to repeat myself multiple times. I was glad to see them go at 4o'clock!

The Super stopped in my room for about 10 minutes and created a ruckus. The Super was talking to a student of mine asking her questions about what she was working on. You know, to make sure she knew what we were doing and that I actually taught her something. The little girl she picked to speak to was a good choice. This little girl is always on her game when it comes to learning. Whew!

When I get home, Mr. Bradner really pisses me off with his comments on a subject. It was the tone of his voice and what he was implying that really got me going . . . go me going so much that I left!

I went to Target and did a little shopping to get my mind off what an ass he was. The whole thing was over a medical bill that I have been trying to get the insurance company to pay since last year. I refuse to pay because the doctor's office and the insurance company have gotten their lines crossed and somehow they are thinking we weren't covered, but we were. We have been covered since Andrew was born. I wanted to avoid situations like this . . .

Well, Mr. Bradner implied that I am not doing everything I can to make sure this is getting taken care of, but I am. I have other things that I need to do on my 20 minute lunch break and when I get home, I can't call. The place is usually closed. I have been working on it and am STILL working on it.

He really pissed me off. I think I am still angry with him for being the way that he was. It makes me angry that he would be that way with me. Things were going so well between us, too. Now I have to hate him. Probably until this situation get fixed and who knows how long that will be since Mr. Bradner doesn't think I am doing all that I can to fix this problem.

Yesterday was not a good day.

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