And he walks!

Aiden has finally gathered up the courage to let go of the couch, my leg, the wall, the table, his exersaucer, the t.v. stand, well you get the picture.

Today, he took his first steps unassisted! It was the best thing! We were all able to witness it (Arik, Andrew and me). I'm sure if there were a hidden camera in our house, we'd all look like grinning idiots. I'd bet money on it!

It started yesterday (Saturday, 9/27). He let go of the couch for a minute looked around and took 2 steps. Then he dropped to his knees and scurried to where he was wanting to go. He did that a couple of times, but Arik and I came to the concensus that those times really didn't count since it was only one or two steps.

Well, today, he let go and took about 4 steps from one couch to the other. I told Arik that definitely qualified him to be labeled as a walker!

Three cheers for my big boy! Hip-hip-hooray, hip-hip-hooray, hip-hip-hooray! He is changing by leaps and bounds!

I'm glad we were all able to see it.

When Andrew was little, his first steps were at Noel's house. I got to see them, but Arik didn't. It was nice of Andrew to walk for Arik when we got home. Arik was all extra excited that Drew had taken his first steps. I didn't have the heart to tell him that those were his 2nd steps.

Oops! Well honey, I couldn't keep it from you for long.


Anonymous said...

Oh my baby walks....I was just asking if he had started walking a few days ago. He was sooooo ready. Granny is very proud too, little man. Good for you, Aiden!

*Amanda said...

Go Aiden, you rock!


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