4 Month Observations

I didn't miss it, but I forgot to let you know.... MaKenzie turned 4 months (9 weeks adjusted) last Thursday! Can you believe it? Me either...

Her stats are great. We are pleased with her progress, considering I'm not stuffing her with formula as per NICU suggestions. She is a "boobie is best baby" and she's growing at a wonderful rate proportionate to her adjusted age.

Weight: 10 lbs 11 oz
Height: 23 inches
Head Circumference: 15 inches

She is on the growth charts for height and weight! As for her head, she isn't taking after the boys. Her's is small, but overall, she's doing really well!

She got 4 shots this visit to the doctor. I'm a believer in immunizations. They worked well for me. I'd much rather do my part to continue living in a small pox, scarlet fever, black plague society.

So, don't hate, I vaccinate! :-)

Getting her shots. She was pissed off, but a little boob juice fixed her right up!

Snuggles after her visit to the doctor. I love moments like this.

Her personality is coming forward more and more every single day. I love it! She is such a morning person. Wakes up with smiles on her perfectly formed lips, once she gets done stretching.

She is definitely at that stage "not the mama." I'm sure it helps that I'm the only one who wears the fragrance Ode de Spoiled Milk and Spit Up.

She still poots up a storm. Just like one of the guys. She still snorts when she cries. She likes to shop. I took her with me to a couple of sales and she fussed until I picked her up. Once I did that, she totally started watching as I flipped through the clothes and would smile or grunt if the outfit was cute or crap! She's a drooler, folks! Been teething since 3 months and the water works doesn't stop

She is noticing Andrew and Aiden a lot more. Aiden especially! If she catches him in her eye, she'll stare and smile. She likes to stare. She'll stare at me forever! I've had several people, friends and strangers alike, comment on how she looks at me. I think she's just as in love with me as I am with her. Warms my heart. Especially since I am now entrusting most of her daily care to someone that's not me.

Here's a shot of her 4 month old feet. Still long and I love them!

I'm done babbling for the moment. Just thought I'd share.


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