Him and I

A friend reminded me of a poem that I wrote back in high school. I've just been thinking about it and dug it out of my big box o' memories to share...

We sit together, him and I
He is gently caressing the back of my thigh

As we sit, conversation is there.
His part a hum, my part fair.

We are tossing out ideas to combine into one.
All the while, his steady hum.

He accompanies me most of the time
While I try to create the perfect rhyme.

I place my hands on his most important part
I tell him my thoughts, straight from my heart.

We reach the top, only to tumble back down
Then I stand up and turn around.

I take my position next to him
And in a way, we both look at them.

The cloak covers their eyes
Then, I knew that this was goodbye.

It was all over...
He and I, we both knew why.

They were done applauding
My piano and I...

I really had an obsession with learning how to play the piano in high school. Music was, is what I love. Well, that and writing. I just thought I would combine the two.

And yeah, I had a dirty mind even back then. I just like being raunchy. I can't help it! Hahahaha

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