I have come to the conclusion that I am old. Yup, I said it. I'm old and I'm okay with that.

What turned on this lightbulb for me, you ask? A weekend. A weekend that involved 2 birthday parties. Birthday parties on opposite ends of the spectrum.

Saturday, we celebrated Aiden turning 4 (now, I don't know why THAT didn't cause the geriatric bell to ring in my head). We had a celebration at The Wonderscope Children's Museum of Kansas City (that's a mouthful). It was a the children's museum because I really didn't want to have to entertain a bunch of 4-6 year olds, I didn't wanna have to clean my house and I just wanted to be able to walk away from it all when the deed was done (slack mom sighting, lol).

We had a great time! Aiden and the gang were super excited to be able to partake in the different themed rooms: Raceways (balls and ramps), H20, Tinker Space, Farm to Market, Doctor/Vet, Lego, and Art. They ran around like insaniacs! We had cupcakes (that I didn't make) and juice. Aiden opened presents and we said our thank yous.

It was all over in exactly 2 hours and BOY! was I exhausted!


I swear we are up to NO GOOD!



Stinkin' Cute

Farm to Market

Tinker Space



The Birthday Crew
Now, that I have warmed your heart with pictures of the kiddos having a blast, let me get back to the oldness that is me...

After Aiden's shindig, I had an adult gathering to attend. I was celebrating my friend KT's birthday. The plans were dinner and dancing. I can handle that...

Let me tell you! I couldn't handle that! I have just started getting back into going to the gym (it's been a bear cuz 6 am comes VERY early on Tuesdays and Thursdays). My lung capacity has shrunk, my joints ache and I'm just damn OLD!

Dinner went swimmingly. Nice time, chowing down on some mexican. Had a couple peach-berry margaritas. Feeling good, right? Yeah, I thought so too.

We get to The Brookersider to groupie on Dolewite. While waiting for the band to warm up, I head downstairs with Nurse and Custodian (from my school). We decide to join the dance-off that was taking place. Can I just tell you, after three dances, why did my freakin' pancreas hurt?! I swear, I limped over to our table, holding my side and breathing VERY deeply!

I pant to Nurse, "GIRL! Which side is your pancreas on? Cuz I'm pretty sure mine's is about to explode! I definitely need to get back to the gym. I can't breathe! If I pass out, you need to take care of me..."

After that moment, I realized that I need to take it easy and pace myself for the rest of the night. Didn't wanna end up on the floor cuz my lungs busted.

Well, Nurse called it quits about 11:30, Custodian called it quits about midnight. I was hanging in there. Besides, I couldn't go anywhere because I car-pooled with the bday chic and friends. I was stuck like Chuck...

I continued to dance the night away, making sure I had equal parts alcohol and water all night. Well, night turned into morning. We left the club about 2ish. I fell asleep in the party wagon and when I woke up, it was 230ish and we were at IHOP (the place where all tipsy wannabe's hang after a night of partying).

We end the night after having some fluffy pancakes and bacon. I end up getting home about 4ish.

***HERE is where the oldness sets in, peeps! And there are no pics to support these claims. You just have to take my word for it...***

I get up at 830ish to fulfill my duties as a mom and the WHOLE day, my body ached! I felt like I had rhumetoid arthritis (sp, too lazy to check) in my knees and elbows! Talk about ridiculous!

I walked around grabbing the arm of the couch, the wall, and the countertops for support. I was rubbing my knees constantly. When I went to the restroom, there was no graceful way to sit down. I kerplunked myself onto that toilet and sat there LONG after I finished peeing because I AM FREAKIN' OLD!

I acknowledge and accept that 33 is knocking on my door...HELL forget knocking! I'm giving 33 a damn key! I'm too old to get up and let your arse in!

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Mrs. H. said...

First of all, the clue, for me, to ur "old arse" is MY birthday. However, the clue in this story is when u fell asleep in the vehicle b4 going to breakfast! Who does that, but a wannabe party animal who is in denial! Bow down gracefully, it's gonna happen anyway! =)


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