Letting Go

It has only been 4 weeks since school started, but can I tell you that it has been a great 4 weeks. Even with the constant worry about enrollment numbers, trying to track down my teaching license with my ESOL endorsement on it, and silly ins and outs, it's been a great 4 weeks.

I have had a constant 15-17 students so far. That is a GINORMOUS difference from last year with 45-50 kinders in my kinderverse and co-teaching.

These days, I find that I can't put myself on autopilot for 1 subject. If I do, we have time to twiddle our thumbs and that's a no-no!

Another factor that makes this year exceptional is that I have a great kinderpartner. My grade level partner has awesome ideas and shares them. She is equally absorbed in the land of the lollipop kids as I am. She gets it! And let me tell you, kindergarten is something that you definitely have to get in order to teach it and love it...

What's the point of this post? Good question. This post is about me "letting go." I have been harboring some bad feelings about how my school year went last year and I need to let them go. I am going to say my piece and be done.
Last Words

I walked into this blindly.
Everything looked brilliantly, shiny and new
When I thought we were on the same page.

I was eager to help.
I talked, shared, created
And naively trusted that you'd return the favor.

Glass half completely empty.
You could talk a good game,
But when it came time to work, all you wanted to do was blame

My attention to detail or enthusiasm.
You weren't about doing what it took to get the job done
And my level of respect for you took a plunge.

I closed myself off because you were using me.
I will not allow someone to make a mockery of what I do.
I finally had to wash my hands of you.

No respect for business, left little respect for personal.
I have made the choice to surround
Myself with drive, desire, and dedication.

My feelings are hurt because you didn't respect
Me enough to truly make an effort.
As a result, we all suffered...

Finding mended feelings will take some time.
On the necessary level, I'm cordial and kind,
But in the back of my mind

There's a reminder of when our friendship died...

I am going to make the effort to let this go. Things are going swimmingly this year and I don't want to tarnish all the great work I'll be doing with negative vibes. I'm done...


Mrs. H. said...

Takes a lot of courage and determination to let go of hurt feelings, but you're definitely so much the better for it! Kudos, Mrs. B!

Kesha :-) said...

Thanks, mom. I was thinking along the same lines.


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