My 1st Award

My friend, Desiree @ Hitting My Stride, gave me an award the other day. She wrote that I had a blog that made her happy and she loved to read it. Thanks, Desiree! I feel absolutely giddy that you gave me an award.

The rules for this award say that I have to link back to the awarder, list ten things that make me happy, and then pass this award to ten other bloggers whose blogs make me happy.

Here are 10 things that make me happy:
10. Finding cute, decorative socks. I'm a teacher and I *HEART* printed, argyle, or seasonal socks!
9. Pens that write oh-so-smooth! Right now, I'm on the Sharpie Pen. It's a very fine tip and has a smooth stroke!
8. Having a good belly laugh! I've read somewhere that if you have pains in your belly, the pains in your life won't seem so bad.
 7. Language Arts - I like to express myself through writing. There is a quirkiness to my writing. I enjoy writing it and I enjoy rereading what I write.
6. Music - a good song, good lyrics and a good beat really do wonders for my spirits.
5. Facebook and blogs - there is just something about being able to read up on the things that are happening in others' lives.
4. My job - even though I gripe about my current grade level (2nd), the actual act of teaching and being in a classroom where children are reaching into their brains to understand why they think the way they do is AWESOME!
3. Shades of Blue - it's my favorite color. It took me a LONG time to discover how much I like blue. I didn't have a fav color until I was a senior in high school! Before that I liked all the colors equally.
2. Attention - I like being recognized for a job well done. I like compliments and praise. I don't care how that makes me seem. It's who I am and I just can't get enough.
1. My boys (Arik, Andrew, and Aiden) - they are loud, rowdy, and gross! I wouldn't have them any other way, though. Plus, being the only chic in the house allows me to really play up the princess power!
10 blogs that make me happy when I read them (I'm not sure I have 10):
Ella and Jackson - Private
Um, I'm going to have to get back to you on this part. I don't really have 10 that I love to read on the regular... 4 out of 6 ain't bad.


Lisa said...

Great post :-)

Mrs. H. said...

Time for you to show some love to your blog and post some new stuff...


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