Please Stop Kicking Me While I'm Down!

This past 2 weeks or so have really been beating me down.
Last week there was an incident where the principal was just unreasonable about a situatation and instead of being professional, was basically calling me out over something silly.

As a teacher, I am constantly assessing my students to see that they are getting the things they need. I always try and look at the data in a different light. Lately, it has been really hard to look at the data with new eyes because the district or cluster or school leaders have been having us look at the same data for weeks!

Well, Principal's bosses were asking for information that I've already given and didn't realize it, but Principal catches me in the AM and started puffing up like a rooster, spouting all kinds of mess. To settle things down, I just say okay and start walking towards my room to get this information in question. Principal starts yelling for me to turn around and not to get mad, that this information was asked for 3 times, etc.

Mind you, I wasn't mad. I just wanted Principal to stop getting so worked up over data that she already had but didn't remember! I didn't question that I had been asked for this 3 times. I am a scatter brain and there are LOTS of things that I need to be reminded of at school. If it doesn't directly involve me teaching the students and being in the classroom, my mind blows it off...

I walk down to my classroom to get the info and shortly after Principal comes in all flustered and starts talking about how the boss is in the office waiting for the report. Principal was wanting me to just make up some numbers so the report could get turned in. Blah, blah, blah...

Come to find out, the paper Principal was speaking about wasn't the paper that I was thinking about (ALTHOUGH, she still had this other data too).

For the rest of that day, Principal kept coming in and apologizing for the tantrums displayed earlier in the day. The rest of the day.... Try teaching when someone keeps coming in and interupting the learning in the classroom with some mess... Doesn't work!

My thoughts and opinions are fast changing about Principal. Does Principal know the job? Absolutely! That was the biggest reason for me transferring from Sucky Elementary to Greener Grass Elementary! The problem that I am running into now is that Principal of Greener Grass Elementary is a micro-manager. I don't know which principal is worse...

Stay tuned for other events that made these past 2 weeks horrible...

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Mrs. H. said...

She sounds like a very difficult person to work for. I commend you on keeping your cool. Is she married? Maybe she needs a good man in her life to focus on. lol


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