Follow the White Rabbit...

   Yesterday evening, I had an appointment for an MRI. I have had a headache for the past seven weeks. Why did I wait so long, you ask? I just thought it was from all the stress that I was dealing with at work. I had a student that was worth 10 students. This student seriously caused me to rethink my profession. I really don't like to get all emotional at work, but the behavior and actions that ensued on the part of certain staff members at my job caused these thoughts to enter in my mind.

   Winter break came and my headache didn't go away. I didn't go to the doctor then because I was working. Well, the first week back from break, I experienced an over exposed light in the periphial (sp) with blurred vision. I was teaching Math and felt like I was going to pass out. My thoughts? Time to go see the doctor.

   I was able to go on a Wednesday because my school district cancelled. The doctor I saw did a bunch of tests on me and the diagnosis was that it seemed to be a beginning sinus infection with a mingling of migrane. The Dr. treated it like a sinus infection.

   10 days on an antibiotic and the headache was still there! On MLK day, I made another appointment. the Dr. scheduled an MRI for me. That leads us up to yesterday....

   When I was getting set up for the scan, it was kinda space-agey. Laying on that table with that antennae on my head was weird. I felt like Alice following the white rabbit into the hole.

   What did I do while in the hole? I discovered that my body works best in 4/4 time. Having an MRI is an obsessive-compulsive's DREAM! Well, this one's anyway. I totally spent the whole half hour counting the bangs, clicks, and bumps. I really like to count things in 4/4 time. I found myself trying not to bop my head to the beat.

   I was lying there thinking about what the picture of my brain would look like because I was digging the "music."  Over and over I kept thinking back to that movie, "Kindergarten Cop" and was telling myself - "It is not a tuma!" You know, because Arnold has that crazy accent! LOL

   After an hour at the imaging place, I went home and hang out with the family. I probably won't know any results until the middle of next week. I just thought I try and get back into the swing of things talking about my very 1st trip to have an MRI...


Desiree said...

I hope everything turns out okay! Keep us posted!

Mrs. H. said...

Welcome back!! I've been missing your writings.

I'm really concerned about your headaches and hope that it is just a bad sinus infection and nothing more serious. Something maybe a different antibiotic can take care of. Anyway, hope you have some painfree moments this weekend!

Amanda said...

Hi Kesha!

It's great to see you blogging again, I love the new layout too! Just wish you didn't have to blog about a stinker of a student & awful migraines. I sure hope the MRI finds you a fast cure for those headaches & that your other headache... well, I hope he takes a chill pill. Have a great rest of the week & I've got fingers crossed for good news on the MRI.


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