Sunday Dinner

We have an additional guest staying with us for the week. My little bro, Steffon, is hanging out with us because our parents are on a 25th anniversary vacation.

So, we are tthe Brady Bunch! Me, Arik, Andrew, Aiden, Michelle, Ginger, Jackie and Steffon. Granted Ginger and Jackie are dogs, but still!!!! 5 folks that need to use the restroom - the ONE restroom in our house. We are roughing it, peeps!

Well, tonight I cooked dinner... I know it's a shocker! We had lasagna, salad and bread. It was my 4th quarter meal. I've figured out that I've only cooked once each quarter this year.

So, we are all gathered around the table and Andrew sat down with his plate. He had everything I mentioned above, but on his plate was a TON of butter and a slice of bread. Michelle said something along the lines of you have a lot of butter on your bread. Andrew said that he loves butter and she said that it gives you high cholesterol. Andrew's response was, "that's why I eat Honey Nut Cheerios." Michelle had nothing to say to that one and the rest of us just laughed.

Cheerios helps to lower your cholesterol...

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Shelly said...

He's so damn smart it's riduculious. Have fun in those teen years...lol!


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