Musical Theatre

Tonight, I went out with my cousin, Kathy. We went to see the musical, WICKED.

In the midst of all the trials and tribulations that I am not ready to speak of in my blog as of yet, this was a bright and shining moment in my current life!

We get there at about 7 pm and hang out until we can be seated. We had great seats. We were in the box seats. Could see everything!

I read the book last year. Noel and I were trying to start a book club (bombed because I wasn't reading the books). I thought the book was wonderful. Well, I was NOT prepared for what I watched today!

The writers did a wonderful job of creating a seemless flow. The ending was completely different than the book. In the musical, Elphaba lives! She and Fiero live happily ever after! What a wonderful idea!

Also, can I just say that Glinda (formerly GA-linda) was hilarious! The person who played Glinda gave her so much personality. I have the soundtrack (thanks, Kathy!) and will be making the song Popular my ringtone on my phone...

Some of my favorite parts in the musical were when Galinda and Elphaba became friends and Galinda sang the song Popular, the first time Elphaba flew, and ALL the special effects! It was well worth the money I shelled out for the ticket.

I would completely recommend you going to see this musical! It's wonderful.

One thing, though. If you have children, please DO NOT bring your child to the 8 pm show and expect them to stay up for the 3 hours! There was this chic that came all dolled up in her too little sweater dress and hooker heels. She was wearing a weave and a Kangol hat. Thinking she what the ish, she brought her daughter/sister and it wasn't even halfway over before that little girl was tossing and turning trying to get comfortable and fall asleep. I was a little annoyed because they were sitting in front of us and blocking my view every time they switched positions.

The musical was fantasterastic. Go see it!


Mrs. H. said...

Wow. What a great review. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Would make a great 25 yr anniversary present. Hint, hint! LOL

Anonymous said...

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