What a crazy weekend!

Here's a great way to end your Friday...

Packing up, shutting everything down, and doing a little cleaning. Well, in the middle of all that, I check my phone to discover I have missed a couple calls and there are some voicemails waiting for me.

The 1st and only voicemail that I listen to is from Andrew's school. Dun, dun, dunnnnnn! There is this call from a teacher that I've never interacted with before. She has called to inform me that Andrew had spent the afternoon in ISS (you have your acronyms correct - In School Suspension)! She explained the story to me via voicemail and yadda, yadda, yadda.

I finish packing up and head out to Sadie. As I'm driving out of the parking lot, I'm hitting Andrew on my speed dial. I set him up with a "hey, how was your day?" He does the most obvious and says, "fine." I immediately ask him if he's sure he wants to go with that answer and he plays dumb... "huh?"

"Andrew, the school called me and informed me of what happened today. Have you told Dad about it?"


"You have until the time I get home to tell Dad about your day. I will be there in 15 minutes."


Neither of us says goodbye. Folks, I am fuming! This year has been going very smoothly. I was just waiting for a bomb to drop. The incident involved a kickball and a boy.

It's recess time and the kiddos are playing kickback. There is one boy holding the ball and the rest of the kids are yelling at him to kick it and he wouldn't. Andrew said that he walked up to him and smacked the ball out of his hands. After that, Drew said the boy started teasing him, tripping him and calling him names like dumb. Andrew hauls off and pushes the boy to the ground. Boy tells teacher, Andrew is in automatic trouble for touching another student.

I listen to the story and I am just counting all the choices that Andrew made that weren't the best. When he gets done, I tell him I believe his story. I also tell him that he started things by knocking the ball out of Boy's hands. I ask him what a better choice would be and he of course says, "not play with Boy." I agree and ask him if there was something else he could have done and he offers up telling the teacher.

Long story short, Andrew doesn't think he did anything wrong and that it is unfair that Boy barely got in trouble. He says that Boy had it coming to him and that Boy is always harassing him, etc.

It hasn't even been 30 days! Friday was only the 24th day of school and already my kid is one step away from juvie!!!! WTF! I can't take another year of these ups and downs.

I have decided that we are going to go to family counseling. I really think there is some sort of chemical imbalance going on in Andrew. He can be happy one moment and completely balistic the next! I am leaning towards Bi-polar. It's not so far-fetched. My biological father suffers from this and I am quite sure it lives somewhere down inside me. I just hide it with my alcoholism *wink*.

I just know that it doesn't take much and we need to do something. It's beyond Andrew asking for help; it's about us asking for help as a family.

And that isn't even my only tidbit from the weekend. I feel like this post is EXTRA long, though, so I will end it here and pick up in a new one.... We are taking it one day, scratch that, one hour at a time....

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