The Rest of the Weekend

Well, after the ordeal with Andrew and school. I settle in and discover that Mr. Bradner has folded my clothes!

Here's the scoop - I HATE folding laundry. So much in fact that I don't! I wash, dry and toss into a basket. Well, all last week, I slept on the living room couch because there were just SO many clean clothes on my side of the bed! I didn't have the energy each night to move my clothes and get into bed. I just let the clothes win...

I know, how lazy can you get? Well, when you are tutoring just about 5 nights a week and getting home between 6-8 pm, you're just wiped out!

Well, I told Arik that if he really loved me and missed me sleeping by his side, he would fold my clothes. To which he responded, "F! That!" So, I just continued to sleep on the couch with the intention to fold my clothes over the weekend.

Well, my hubby surprised me by folding and putting away ALL my clothes. I really did feel loved. BUT, that isn't the icing on the cake!

We had a family outing to the Legends and while we were there, he totally bought me the charm bracelet that I had hinted about for Christmas and 12 charms to go on it! It is absolutely fan-freakin-tastic! Go to Helzberg and you can built your own bracelet. I *HEART* my bracelet. Plus, Arik isn't even making me wait until Christmas to wear it!

After the Legends, we went bowling. We all bowled. Yes, Andrew bowled, too. It was decided that we would go bowling before his ISS incident. Aiden bowled too. He even wore bowling shoes - too cute! I have pictures, I'll post them when I am feeling a little less lazy...

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Mrs. H. said...

Arik is continuing to feed into the "Princess" mentality. He can be such a sweetheart. I luv my Son-n-law. But he's just feeding the monster. :P

Surprised you followed through and went bowling even though Andrew acted out. Sounds like you guys had a great time. And Andrew went back on punishment afterward, I'm sure.

Counseling is a great idea and definitely can't hurt. It'll give you guys a different and educated perspective on the situation. Good luck!


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