Weird Searches

For those of you that use FEEDJIT, have you ever click on the "watch in real time" link? I have and let me tell you, people search for some weird $h!t....

For instance, as I was looking tonight here are some things I found:

  • some guy said to me he saw my thong
  • is there such a thing as a guy's thong
  • 3 guys 1 grandma
  • where can a 15 year old guy get a thong
  • girl blows 3 guys
  • classroom thong pic
  • gay guys wearing girl thongs

Really? What kind of craziness is this? Actually, I know most of this is due to the thong picture I posted from my trip to St. Louis, but really? Be careful what you google for... I am out here to point it out and LAUGH REALLY LOUDLY AT YOU!

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