The Week from Hades

This was NOT the best week for me. I don't know what it was... Wait, I lie. I know exactly was pushed this week into the pisser.

Last Friday/Saturday/Sunday - Andrew being grounded for pushing a kid down

Monday - I leave work and discover that someone really hit Sadie GOOD! There was a huge red paint transfer on the driver side sliding door. WTH! There is only a select number of people that could have caused this... What were you thinking?!

Tuesday - Andrew and I having a big blow up because I emailed his teacher about an assignment he really bombed on. We argued to the point that I really just wanted him to go away and not come back. It was 8:10 and I still had to drop Aiden off and get to work.

My school kids just picked up where Andrew left off. They must have knew that I was worn down. They tattled, they argued, they stole, they whined... anything they could do to annoy me, they did.

Wednesday - came home after tutoring to find out that we had a flea infestation in our house. Apparently, we've had Michelle living in squalor for a few weeks. She didn't say anything and trying to treat it on her own. The upstairs isn't so bad. The basement, however, was horrible!

Arik said that he discovered 20 fleas on Aiden's shirt and they were eating him up! Aiden has that something in his blood that attracts everything that likes to bite. 2 seconds outside in the evening without spray, he has 5 bites that turn into huge welts that linger for days!

I immediately googled fleas and how to get rid of them. Arik and I discussed it and decided that Sunday would be the day. I was okay with that.

Thursday - Andrew goes downstairs that morning to get his clothes and comes back up with 7-10 fleas on his ankles. I freaked out! Flea Infestation! We don't have much carpet downstairs. Andrew coming upstairs with that many SCREAMED dirt and disease! We are officially nasty people!

I called Arik and said that it seems to be worse that we thought and we needed to do something before Sunday. I guess there was a tone in my voice and Arik started fussing at me not to talk to him that way. Blah, blah, blah... I wasn't trying to come at him in anyway. I was telling him that he needed to take Ginger (our dog) to the vet and when he got home and he could get the flea stuff the next day. Apparently, that didn't sit well with him... I started to feel overwhelmed, so I hung up the phone.

I didn't have any intention of talking to him like anything. It's just there is really 1 thing that gets me going and it's ANY kind of bug. My house is my sanctuary and these little flesh eaters had invaded my house. I can't deal! I was thinking about me and the boys staying in a hotel until Arik had time to take care of this. If there was anything in my voice, it was panic and anxiety. Arik should know me by now. 12 years we have been together. I can't change my feelings about nature and the creepy crawlies that live there.

Anyway, he called back a couple times before I answered again. The first thing he said was... Don't come at me the way you come at Andrew... I didn't wait to hear anything else. I hung up again. In that short little phrase, I heard lots of blame and I didn't want to hear it. That just set me off for the day! He left a message saying that he was going to take the day off and take care of it. He told me don't call or text him back, just know that when I get off work, it would all be done.

Then, I am leaving work again and one of my co-workers point out to me that there is a scratch on Sadie's passenger sliding door! Really?

Friday - It's the end of the week. I didn't get any pleasure out of teaching today. I just went through the motions and survived the day. I'm trying to stay strong...

I am leaving the school building again and my friend, Laura, joked about doing a walk around Sadie to see if there is anything new. Well, there is! There's this crusty stuff on Sadie's driver side sliding door and I couldn't scratch it off... I can't take anymore!

I come home to find a gazillion red stains on my dining room floor. Apparently, Ginger got into the deep fryer Arik keeps in the shed (when she spent the 3-4 plus hours outside while we treated the house for fleas). She's got an upset tummy and had the whole day to be "upset" on my floor.

So, I sat down, ate dinner, didn't say much. When I finished my food, I decided that I needed a drink. So, I took Aiden and we went for a little ride to the liquor store to get my favorite "feel better" wine - RELAX.

I have already had a glass. I am now realizing that probably wasn't such a great idea because I am on an antibiotic (have been for the last 3 and a half weeks) for the freakin' disease on my face. It's called peri-oral-dermatitis... They aren't sure what causes this. There is some speculation that is a reaction the the fluoride in toothpaste. It can just happen and I guess I'm the right age, sex, whatever!

How does this play into my crappy week? I don't think it's getting any better. I can just peel the skin around my mouth off every day! I lotion like a freak and when I leave the house, it looks like I just devoured a bucket full of fried chicken. My lips look like they have been bedazzled!

So, I think Imma drink my wine and just keep my mouth shut so that I don't offend anyone by coming off to abrasive or bitchy...

Like I said, this has been the week from Hades... Stepping off my soapbox now. Goodnight.


Erica Simmons said...

OH MY GOODNESS!! What a week you had! I am sooo sorry. My dog has had fleas...yikes, what a mess. Sounds like there is no where to go but up :-). Take it easy this weekend!

3 Guys and a Girl said...

Erica, you are such a positive person. Thank you for that...

Desiree said...

Oh my goodness! *big huge hugs* I hate bugs more than anything else in the world and my home is my sanctuary too so I totally understand where you're coming from!

And boys are just clueless - they don't stop to think that you're not being a b*tch, you're just having a nervous breakdown and it would be just SWELL if they could not take everything personally! Oh wait, this is about you. ;-)

Anyway, I'm totally with you and I'm saying a prayer that you are able to get rid of those nasty bugs and that your upcoming week gets better!

3 Guys and a Girl said...

You said it! I hope Mr. B reads your comment. Thanks for the good vibes. They worked because today was a good day...


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