Mini Vacations

This summer we went on a couple mini vacations. One was just a girls weekend and the rest were all about “Fam Time.”

Ø St. Louis with Noel
Ø Indianapolis to see Jamille and Jebel
Ø Family Reunion in Idabel, OK
Ø Family gathering in Okoboji, IA
We had a great time, but I think I like week-long vacations more so than weekend jaunts…

Well in Indianapolis, we hung out at the Jones’ house. We were treated to good times, good food and good fun. It was over the 4th of July weekend. While we got to visit the Children’s Museum and a little street fair, we did NOT get to see any fireworks. It was a rainy 4th and they cancelled the public displays. Bummer, I know….

The family reunion in OK was the usual. A bunch of my folks getting together and chatting it up. The boys had a great time. It’s the kind of place where they can run around and we don’t have to worry about someone snatching them up. Aiden rode a horse for the first time (OK was also where Andrew had his 1st horseback ride when he was younger). The theme that kept running through my head was “Teen Pregnancy Project.” So many of my cousins had babies under the age of 2! I was just in shock! I know technically I was a teen pregnancy with Andrew, but I can also say that I married my baby daddy and he is also the father of my 2nd child… I was saddened at all the potential I saw and the image of how much harder it will be for these girls to reach their dreams. I only hope they don’t give up on them and become a mooch on society. I look at what is happening in my own family and apply it to the behaviors I see in the classroom every day…

Okoboji was cool. It was plenty of togetherness and such with Grandma Diane, the Poppens’ crew, Uncle Mike and Aunt Sandy. Diane rented some nice rooms and there were LOTS of water things to do. Tom (a Poppens) brought their boat for everyone to enjoy and there were swimming pools… It was nice. As you all know though, I’m NOT an outdoor person. I found myself getting very frustrated because the only activities involved WATER AND OUTDOORS. We didn’t do anything but water stuff! I just kept my mouth shut and spent a lot of my time with Aiden… Everyone had a blast.

Andrew did some boarding, Arik got to spend time with his mom. I know he misses her and his dad and sister terribly since they live in Canada. Diane and Arik are SUPER close and you can just see how much they need each other.

Aiden was superman in the pool. He kept jumping off the edge of the pool into someone’s awaiting arms! Since Okoboji, Aiden has been bathing every chance he can get. I had to jump off the slacker wagon on that topic.

Everyone had a great time together. I don’t get to see the Poppens’ family, Uncle Mike or Aunt Sandy too often. We got to see Uncle Mike's organic farm. He came up with such a creative name, I just had to take a picture! Brenda (a Poppens) and I get along really well and Arik and his brother, Tom, get along really well. Our kids play together wonderfully, too. Diane is a doting grandma that just likes to see her grandkids happy… So we brought her home for a week. Talk about being pampered! More in the next post.

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