Grandma's Visit

We drive home after family fun at Okoboji, IA. In tow, we have Grandma Diane. She made plans to hang out with us for a week before heading back home to Canada.

When Diane comes, we are kind of transported back in time. Diane is really core family values. She is a true housewife. And I mean that in the most complimentary way possible. She cooks wonderful meals, she cleans, she is a great problem solver!
While she was here, she gave Andrew more than enough attention. She loved on Aiden, too, but Aiden is still in his "mommy, mommy" phase. Andrew was able to appreciate her for playing board games on demand, playing Wii on demand, buying him useful things, indulging him in nonsensical things...

I was able to appreciate her because she did so many things, some that were big, some not so big, and it just really helped our lives run smoother. She watched Andrew so that I could tutor and work in my classroom, she went to the grocery store (and you all know the trials and tribulations I have been having with the grocery store!), she straightened my bathroom, got Andrew to read every day, made Arik happier, loved on Ginger (remember we have a dog), took requests for desserts at our Back-to-School BBQ... It was wonderful!

Often, after she visits us, I feel guilty. She crams so much into the time she is here with us. She caters to the boys; I feel like I should protest more when she wants to spend $$ on all of us. She feels guilty she gets to do little things for the Ashby's all the time and not us because they live a hop, skip and jump away from her. It's like she kinda keeps a mental tally and when she comes to visit, she gives the equivalent of what she would do for the Ashby's.

It must be hard being a grandma and have 1 grandchild so close and others so very far away. She has 7 grandkids in all. She only sees 1 every day...

Anyway, we had a great time eating dinner at the table with the placemats out, watching HGTV, taking pictures, shopping, hanging out and loving it up. So much in fact, I am seriously thinking about putting Andrew on a plane next summer to visit her for a month or so. That's BIG for me, you know...

This picture is from last year; we went to Canada to visit. I got NO pictures of Diane and the folks the whole time she was here.... :-(

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Mrs. H. said...

We all love Diane. It is such a pleasure to be around her. I'm glad you guys have developed a good relationship.

That would be a HUGE deal to let Andrew go to Canada to visit w/o you guys. I'm sure he'd have a blast.


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