Meet Me In St. Louis - Pt. 3

Here is Saturday in picture mode. Blogger is really getting my panties in a bunch by messing up my layout once I add the pictures. So, instead of giving Blogger the benefit of the doubt, I am just NOT going to provide a layout. ****tongue out****

Here we are at the Mystery Dinner Theatre. We had speaking parts in the play. I was I. Wanda Know and Noel was Ivanna Askew... We were reporters, get it? This was the hypest table in the place. The people in the pic with us were hilarious!

This is us all dressed up for our dinner theatre, which our cracked out GPS, Lolita, made us drive to the ghetto to get to the Bissell Mansion.

A picture of the baseball stadium from 630 feet in the air. I was at the top of the arch!

The tourist shot that everyone must get.
Yes, I know the pix are out of order, but darn the photo upload. I don't have time!

Anyway, to end our time in the LOU, we went to City Museum and used flashlights to get around this enormous building with cracks and crevices, slides and slopes, good times! We didn't do much crawling around because we were in dresses and were behaving like ladies...

Sunday, we pretended to be gay for PrideFest. I got a shot of this pastey guy wearing only a red thong. I will be sharing that when I have more patience for the photo upload. If that guy was willing to put it out there, then so am I!

We got to the train station on time only to find that our train was delayed about 90 minutes! I know, right? We passed the time reading, people watching, and just hanging out... It was a fun weekend. I will be taking my boys the next time for all the kid friendly stuff there is to do there.

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Mrs. H. said...

You guys covered the "Lou" in a couple of days. Sounds like you have a nice time.


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