So, we are a family that allows the kiddos to shower with us at night. It was easy with Andrew on those nights that Arik was working the 2nd and 3rd shift at work (I DO NOT miss those days in our marriage). We continued it with Aiden because he started out NOT liking tub time. Plus, it really gets me out of having to draw a bath and add the bubbles, get soaked from Aiden splashing me with the water and giggling, and cleaning up the buckets of water on the bathroom floor. More confessions of a slacker mom...

Well, it's usually Arik that showers with Aiden these days and I just swoop in for the lotioning, diapering and dressing. This one particular night, Arik had already showered or he was moving to slowly for my liking; probably the latter. I jumped in the shower with Aiden.

Now, Aiden isn't a lightweight by any means. He is a solid 32 lbs of kissable, cuddly, cuteness. Add some soap and 2 xtra large boobies to that recipe and you have a mess! I had to stand him on his feet in the shower and soap him down. You need to put yourself in the place of my 20 month old. You are standing in the shower and naked mommy is bent over in front of you with a soapy washcloth. Imagine all the things you can see.... Aiden focuses on the twins.

Aiden reaches down and points to his penis and says, "pee-pee." Then he reaches up and points to my breasts and says, "pee-pee." What could I say, they were dangling like his little pee-pee does and they had "tips."

So, I told Arik that from here on out, Aiden should probably shower with him or we need to really play up bathtime! When they start pointing out the differences, it's time for a little descretion. The joys of being a mommy...


Mrs. H. said...

LOL. Too funny. I suppose from that angle, he doesn't recognize the girls. Showering together should definitely be a Daddy's job with Aiden.

Steffon Hamilton said...



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