New Things

Last night, I had the opportunity to play BUNKO. What is BUNKO, you ask? Well, it's a game of chance using 3 dice. You play 6 rounds of 6 games. Each round, when you roll that round number, you get a point. For three of the same number in a roll, you get 5 points, unless, you roll 3 of the round number, that's BUNKO. A round is over when a team gets 21 points or someone gets BUNKO. At the end of each round, the losing team rises and flies (a little Bid Whiz for ya).

So for instance, in round 1, you are trying to roll ones on the dice. For each one you get, a point is recorded. This happens all the way to 21 or a BUNKO is called. Same thing for round 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. And you do this 6 times.

Well, I had a good time. I cannot talk and play the game at the same time like the veterans do, but I did start to recognize when I was getting 5 pts and when I got a BUNKO.

I think I might stick with this once a month event. The person that hosts the game that night provides tasty treats and beverages, prizes and a good time. I could see myself playing this long term...

I'll be practicing my dice rolling skills at night and on the weekends, thank you very much.


Mrs. H. said...

Kesha, do you remember Marsha has been playing BUNKO monthly since they moved next door? That's been 20 years. It sounds like a lot of fun.

3 Guys and a Girl said...

Um, no. How come you've never joined the BUNKO club?

Mrs. H. said...

I sat in once and watched. Wasn't asked to join.


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