The Color Purple

I went to the Music Hall and saw The Color Purple. It was an amazing play! The score was great, everyone had great voices, and it did NOT seem like I was sitting in the same seat for 2 1/2 hours... I have pix, but I'm too lazy to get up and get my memory card and upload'em. Sorry . . .

***Update, here is my picture****

I did have a moment of silence for my dear, departed friend, Tamara Barnes. She passed away about a year and a half ago. The Color Purple was her favorite movie of all time. I had to pay my respects. Miss you, Tamara. . .

I was looking at next season at the Music Hall and noticed that Wicked was coming back into town. Anyone interested in going to see it with me? I am so definitely going this time around! Let me know.

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Mrs. H. said...

Look at you all "purpled" up. Cute pic. RIP Tamara. Wicked sounds like fun if you don't mind your MOM hanging with you.


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